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Each of our toolkits is designed with small business owners in mind, and use plain English – where jargon is unavoidable, you can refer to our handy Jargon Buster page. included, and we welcome any additional queries that may not be featured in the FAQs on our website.

The toolkits are ranged according to the size and complexity of business, and to fit requirements and budgets.  If you need a basic document set then the Essentials Pack will suit, or if you want a specific set of templates, look at the list available – we even have an HR Data Protection Essentials Pack.

Our toolkits and document packs are kept updated and current as new guidance is issued by the relevant supervisory bodies.

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GDPR Essentials Document Pack
Small Business Document Toolkit
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Once you have purchased a toolkit, we also offer support to help you implement your own GDPR project plan.

  • We have a bespoke ‘Getting Started with your Toolkit’ workshop for your key staff, at your place of work, to help engage everyone in the process and ensure that everyone understands what they need to do. This will include a session of business-specific Q&As about working under GDPR compliancy.  We can provide details and prices on request. Ask for more details.
  • We also offer ad hoc telephone support to answer your questions and provide guidance. Check our services for more information.

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