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Who Are Sphere Data Protection?


Sphere is a private consulting firm, established in 2013 by Kim Bradford, with the specific aim of supporting micro and small business owners.

This has grown to also supporting clients with their GDPR preparations, providing training and awareness sessions, designing e-learning modules (coming soon), and attending seminars and events as a keynote speaker.

Kim now runs two separate consultancies, Sphere Data Protection and Sphere HR.  Focusing on SMEs still, and with a hand-picked selection of partners and associates who provide expert complementary services in cyber security, IT installations, network and systems pen-testing, and legal advisory services, Sphere Data Protection has all the skills and knowledge needed to support the needs of small businesses.


Most business owners who have started and nurtured their own businesses may have only a fleeting or basic grasp of current data protection law and how it applies to their business, their employees, customers, prospects and suppliers.

Understanding the law on data protection and privacy, and how it applies to your own company activities can seem like a daunting task for those business owners who don’t have staff or departments already in place to take care of those responsibilities.

We understand this, because the SME market is our speciality, and we have developed a step-by-step approach, document toolkits, a self-assessment questionnaire, and handy Jargon Buster to help you.  Our specialists are also available to help kick-off compliance projects and for ad-hoc consulting requests.

Our specialists are also available for ad hoc, project-based and ongoing consulting.

Our Team

Nuria Fernandez
Digital Marketing Manager
Sphere Data Protection and Sphere HR

Kim Bradford
Consultant and Director
Sphere Data Protection and Sphere HR

Fiona Dagenais
Business Operations Manager
Sphere Data Protection

Why Choose Sphere Data Protection?

Sphere Data Protection: A Different Approach

We pride ourselves on being different to the larger mainstream consultancies – our background in providing niche and specialist interim solutions means we are uniquely able to consult with you and provide an assessment of how we can best meet your needs.

We offer a free no obligation initial consultation and you can also complete our self-assessment questionnaire. We aim to find out more about you and how your company operates – this is very important to us, and it helps build the trust and rapport needed to assess your requirements.

You will also find some helpful free downloads, animation clips, infographics, a blog series as a commentary on current trends in this industry, and links to social media sites – we welcome followers and referrals, so please feel free to join us on Twitter and LinkedIn.