Has GDPR done your business a favour?

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Not many businesses welcomed GDPR with open arms and many are still grappling with its requirements, but, whether you’re a large business or a small business, GDPR can really give you an edge.

How so? Consider these positives and whether any of these would do your business a favour.


Your reputation is the most valuable asset  your company possesses.  Showing that you take proper care of your client, customer and employee data will only boost your reputation and increase customer confidence in engaging with you.

Several well-known companies like Dixons Carphone, British Airways, Npower and Yahoo! (or what’s left of it) are currently assessing the damage to their reputation and seeing, in the coffers, the effect of damaged customer confidence in their brands.  Customer loyalty only goes so far. Lose their trust and they’ll go elsewhere.


Be honest, how long have you been cultivating that customer database?  2 years, 5 years, 10 years, more?  And how many of those names still purchase your goods and services?  Yet you still pay to store all that data and pay employees to process it for marketing purposes.

Streamlining your marketing offering will mean you can really engage in a meaningful way with those who will keep your business going over the longer term.   This will cost you less to do, but yield greater sales and repeat business – wouldn’t that be great?


What if it could create improvement in your company and renovate your approach?  GDPR really could:

  • make your business sharper,
  • more proactive,
  • faster to adapt to market changes,
  • better able to respond to consumer demands,
  • less bogged down in ‘that’s how we’ve always done it’,
  • more efficient,
  • less cost draining in data administration.

And that, in turn, could give your company a competitive advantage in the marketplace.   Hands up, who would like a slice of that?

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